“Black & White” members show

Simple to Complex - the shades of black and white works

The members show on display at Rainbow Stew in Yucca Valley represents a true classic - Black & White. Working in this limited palette has likely posed challenges for those artists of all mediums. When it works, it glows, and that is a kind of magic.

The power in black and white, and all of those lovely grays in between, comes from emphasizing contrast. With the removal of color, a significant visual 'distraction' disappears, and other compositional relationships become magnified. A subject's posture, the backlit feathers of a bird in flight, the patchwork shapes of buildings - subtleties become essential in lending emotion to a scene. For those artists with a keen eye for black and white beauties, keep up the great work! For those like me, a newcomer to such a limited palette, let's seek inspiration from others and hone our own skillset.

I, for one, was excited and pleasantly surprised with the array of mediums represented this month. I knew that the photographers would come through with entries. However, I could not predict that we would also receive an excellent balance of pen & ink, watercolor, collage, acrylic, soft pastel, and digital art entries. We accepted twenty-six pieces from eight members. Keep up the great work, Chaparral Artists!