Hype Alert: Keys Ranch at Night, Fall 2021

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Chaparral Artists have scheduled a trip for its members and potentially some friends this fall, and we hope the destination will be as fun as it always is - Keys Ranch in Joshua Tree National Park. If you plan to attend, please follow the link as soon as possible to secure your spot - we are limited to 15. Additional information follows.

Chaparral Artists at Keys Ranch Fl 2021
Date:              September 13, 2021
Meetup:         Visitor Center in Joshua Tree
Destination:   Keys Ranch
Time:              7:30 p.m. to 12:00 a.m. (midnight)
Cost:               $25   -   Prepay on Eventbrite
Link:                https://www.eventbrite.com/e/chaparral-artists-at-keys-ranch-fall-2021-tickets-162574545843

This special opportunity to photograph Keys Ranch at night provides a treat for the experienced and the experimental of our photographers! This slice of heaven seems especially secluded as the sun sets and darkness descends. Night-time photography can be a challenging experience but it is exceptionally fun to attempt when surrounded by the unique atmosphere of a once lively ranch.

Please arrive at 7:00 p.m. at the Visitors Center in Joshua Tree (off Park Boulevard) so we can leave promptly at 7:30 p.m. to make our way into the park.

This event is sponsored by the Desert Institute. I hope to see you there. Limit 15.

Hype Alert: Wolf Mountain Sanctuary


Chaparral Artists has scheduled a trip to the Wolf Mountain Sanctuary in Lucerne Valley on May 22, 2021. This is a grand opportunity to spend some time with wolves and their pups. It is experience based, there will be no photography or plein air opportunities, this is specifically meant for those individuals that would like to meet and spend time with wolves in a controlled environment. For those of you who love wildlife, this will be a special treat. 

Wolf Mountain Sanctuary
Address:      POB 385 Lucerne Valley, CA, US 92356
Website:      WolfMountainSanctuary.org
Date:           May 22, 2021 10:00 a.m. – 12:00 p.m.
Founder:     Tonya Littlewolf
Cost:           $25 per person (cash only, paid at the sanctuary)

Price includes a guided tour and playtime/interaction with the wolves. The guides will take pictures for us as we interact with the wolves and wolf pups. If you wish to take your own photos, you must secure permission from the sanctuary and pay a professional photographer’s fee. 

This is your opportunity to have an up close and personal experience before the sanctuary relocates to another state. Once established, we will be invited to the opening of their new location in Arizona or Colorado later this year, but on May 22nd, we get the chance to visit locally!

More information on the sanctuary will be provided upon registration.

This opportunity is being organized by Chaparral Artists, and is open to members only, so please make sure to update your membership beforehand OR when we all meetup to determine the caravan/carpool situation on the morning of May 22nd.

Hype Alert: Keys Ranch, Spring 2021

Chaparral Artists have scheduled a trip for its members this spring and we hope the destination is intriguing to the everyone. If you plan to attend, please follow the link as soon as possible to secure your spot - we are limited to 15. Additional information follows.
Chaparral Artists at Keys Ranch Sp 2021
Date:           April 19, 2021
Location:     Visitor Center in Joshua Tree
Time:          8:00-12:00 noon
Cost:           $25   -   Prepay on Eventbrite
Join us for a special opportunity to photograph and paint in Joshua Tree National Park! Explore a bit of heaven in a secluded area in the park catered to facilitate a unique experience for you.
Please arrive at 7:45 a.m. at the Visitors Center in Joshua Tree so we can leave promptly at 8:00 a.m. to make our way into the park.
This event is sponsored by the Desert Institute. I hope to see you there. Limited to 15.
Keys Ranch House in Joshua Tree National Park - photo by Raini Armstrong, 2017
Keys Ranch House in Joshua Tree National Park - photo by Raini Armstrong, 2017

Writeup! Southwest Arts Festival

Author: Raini Armstrong
Date: January 31, 2020

Several Chaparral Artists visited the Southwest Arts Festival in Indio on January 25. As always, we hoped to see more members in attendance, but those that did travel together on Saturday found something to come home with to the Morongo Basin!

This festival has been going strong for 34 years featuring art forms of all shapes and sizes, including traditional, contemporary, and abstract fine art and high-caliber craft. Approximately 250 artists from around the world display and sell their work over the 4-day festival.

From inspiration to home decor items, there was a lot to see at the Southwest Arts Festival. I, for one, enjoy the layout of the grounds. This particular festival is easy to navigate; there is ample room between booth groupings in all directions. It is especially pleasing that each artist is provided a corner booth due to the layout, as booth groupings are in pods of four. Finally, the festival coordinators added more seating this year, which came in handy during the late afternoon when taking a break in the shade was especially appealing. I can think of a few pleasing additions, but I cannot complain about anything in particular.

I enjoyed the Southwest Arts Festival this year, but I admit that when I attend any festival, I am always comparing it to the ones I had the chance to visit during my youth. My parents made their living creating art - jewelry painted using oils, acrylics, and crushed metals. They sold their artwork at Arts and Crafts festivals across the United States. I got first-hand knowledge of the joys and the trials of making one's living in this not-so-typical job. My life was significantly enhanced by travel opportunities and exposure to the art world. Now, I am a member of a few art groups, and the focus is often on the gallery experience. I have to say that the difference between gallery expositions and art festivals is quite drastic. It has left me with sincere respect for the travelers that schlep their art from state to state. I can, because of my exposure to the art festival world in the 80s and 90s, venture to guess at the artist's experience of this Southwest Arts festival, but I cannot say with certainty that the show is a good money maker. Who can without having been able to work at the festival? A lot goes into making high-end arts and crafts festivals a success, for both the artist and the customer. I can say that I think this event is an ongoing success for the customer, so for our sake as visitors, I hope it will be around for many more years to come!

Writeup! Family Fun Faire at Yucca Valley Airport

The Chaparral Artists spent over four crazy hours with kids and their families, painting, trying to stay cool, and having fun at the Family Fun Fair on Sunday. The Yucca Valley Airport and the Yucca Valley Airport Committee organized a great event called the "Family Fun Fair" on September 1, 2019. Non-profit Organizations shared information about their groups and provided fun activities for the kids. Locals showed off classic cars and small aircraft to visitors, a few remote-controlled aircraft flew around making wild loops in the air, and a ton of fun was had.

The Chaparral Artists and the Hearts Foundation group were nestled in the shade of the Miehle hanger. Barely a moment was had that wasn't full of kids painting, families mingling, and friends seeking a few moments in the shade. Chaparral had three tables set out for kids to paint on, and they rarely had a seat unused. A selection of sun catching items and lots of acrylics were provided. Let me tell you, we painted the entire time! It was a busy and productive day.

This was the first time that the Family Fun Fair was provided, and I was pleasantly surprised with the turnout! I hope all of the other Non Profits had a great time sharing information to visitors, I know that Chaparral had a great time with the kids.

Writeup! Living Desert

Date: April 6, 2019
Author: Raini Armstrong

Our group trip to the Living Desert resulted in many exciting scenes of spring growth, animal behavior, and even a few animal babies! The Living Desert in Palm Desert, CA provides a beautiful landscape and living space for many desert creatures, both exotic and familiar to our region. The natural setting feels both wild and kept, a contradiction, I know, but one that truly tugs at the imagination! The entire environment provides candy for the soul if you so happen to love the desert, as I do.

Though it warmed up as the day wore on, the weather was agreeable, and the occasional cloud made for a wonderful backdrop to several photos. The gardens peppered throughout the park deserve a trip of their own, and one could easily visit for the animals alone. All in all, one single trip to the Living Desert never seems like enough.