Each month Chaparral Artists features their members' artwork. We want to celebrate our members' accomplishments, announcing artists being featured as well as the locations they are showing, but we want to continue to support each other by providing a lasting space for our members to shine. Here you will find a growing list of Featured Artists, with a little something extra about them!

Current Featured Artists

May Artist of the Month - Joan Scott

Joan Scott is displaying her art at the Center for Healthy Generations in Yucca Valley

JUNE Artist of the Month - Raini Armstrong

Raini Armstrong is displaying her art at the Presbyterian Church in Yucca Valley

Show your support by visiting these venues and enjoying their beautiful creations! For more information about these venues, visit the Schedule page. For more information about these artists visit the Members page and search for their name.

January 2019

Marcia Vanderbilt (Pealstrom) displayed her work at the Presbyterian Church. An artist that works with mixed media and captures moments in time with analog cameras, Marci is displaying her photography featuring images of yesteryear, and whimsical framed mixed media.

Nancy Miehlie displayed her work at the Center for Healthy Generations. An artist known for portraying lovely desert scenes and adorable portraitures of creatures AND people. Nancy is experienced with many mediums, at Healthy Generations, Nancy displayed  gorgeous desert scenes in oil, a perfect reminder to enjoy the beauty all around us!

March 2019

Dave Clements displayed his photographic captures of the desert at the Center for Healthy Generations. Dave's compositions offer intriguing closeups of creatures, big and small, and his desert landscapes often present a fun and quirky look at our environment.

Julianne Koza displayed her work at the Presbyterian Church; a photographer with a flare for unique framing, whose adventurous spirit  shines through with her intriguing landscape and animal scenes.

February 2019

We enjoyed Sunshine Laue’s exciting watercolors featuring people, animals and objects at the Center for Healthy Generations.

The Presbyterian Church featured the soft pastel work of Jennifer Grandi, a dedicated artist who depicts intriguing compositions and provides great detail  with the medium.

April 2019

Mary Fetterly shared her work at the Center for Healthy Generations. Her art captures a quirky, experimental quality, blending mixed media on a variety of painting surfaces.

June Fingler dazzled us with her classic watercolors style paintings at the Presbyterian Church. June's soft and subtle use of the classic watercolor process captures life beautifully, presenting a realistic expression of some of her favorite moments in time.

May 2019

Raini Armstrong shared her watercolors at the Center for Healthy Generations. Her favorite subjects to paint include nature and the night sky.

Laura Paez shared her watercolors and mixed media at the Presbyterian Church. Her use of vivid color in an impressionistic, at times near-abstract, style excite the imagination.