Chaparral Sketch & Art Shows Paperwork

Chaparral Artists is an active organization of artists in the Morongo Basin and we try to provide a monthly newsletter to share our stories with the world. After a hiatus in 2016-2018, we have hit the ground running. Stay up to date with our organization, and if you feel like it, take a look at our archives!

Looking for information about an upcoming art show opportunity? Check out the paperwork section below a specific year.

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Latest Newsletter

The latest newsletter can be found HERE.


We try to provide a newsletter covering the upcoming month - just before the month is upon us, however, try as we might, this doesn't always happen. Bear with us, as we are likely running behind and might end up merging two months into one newsletter. Thank you!

To review the archive of Chaparral Sketch newsletters spanning the years, keep scrolling to find links to our past.