Chaparral Artists provide several forms of digital information sharing. Our monthly newsletter provides a means of keeping friends and members up to date with current Chaparral events. Greater depth of information and supporting photography can be found in the posts/articles hosted on the website. And brief reminders about upcoming fun are provided through a monthly newsflash.

For our art organization neighbors and our art-centric gift shop owners, we would love to give a shout-out to you here as well while we grow our network of friends.

Monthly Newsletters

Check out the archived newsletter or review the latest information here!

Information Posts & Stories & Articles

Looking for the write ups on a judged show or a members-only show? Or are you interested in finding out more about an upcoming group outing, then follow the link to our Articles page!

Friends of Chaparral

Coming Soon... share your event flyer with us and we will add it here with a link to the Facebook page or website that provides all of the flashy details!