The Fall Judged Photography show is on the walls at Rainbow Stew in Yucca Valley until November 12, 2020.

We did not receive the large number of entries we hoped for, but the show collected just enough to share a pleasant arrangement with visitors, regardless. We all miss the days when our Photo shows challenged our show committee's Tetris skills, and we hope that we will see the numbers of entries grow again. The craziness of COVID-19 has certainly affected everyone, but we will continue to create elements of normalcy where we can.

A total of fifteen photographs were received, equally divided into the three categories of "Nature's Kaleidoscope" - "Beautiful Creatures" - "Hand of Man"

Our Judge

Dan Bartlett was our judge, an artist himself specializing in found-object creations. Dan is also known for his photography, but his creativity certainly seems to shine in the gorgeous three-dimensional functional works he creates. Bartlett uses a point system to judge, applying up to three-points toward Technical, three toward composition, and another three toward Impact. Bartlett expressed that he finds this point system lends well to fair judging. Because the show was especially small, with only four participating photographers, the categories were judged together. A single set of first-place, second-place, and third-place ribbons was presented, along with a best-of-show.

Categories Merged

"Island Girl"
Nancy Kimes

"Reflections of the Past"
Julianne Koza

"Cloudy Night Burning Bush"
Julianne Koza

Best of Show
"Family Outing Yellowstone"
Julianne Koza

Congratulations to the winners!

If you find yourself out and about, make sure to stop by Rainbow Stew (masks and social distancing required) and enjoy the Judged Photo show. It will be displayed until November when we transition into the Judged Fall Fine Art show!

We all want to take advantage of this great space because it sees a constant stream of traffic throughout the week. Chaparral Artists see sales through this venue, so do not pass up the opportunity to hang your art when you can, during one of our shows.

Stay safe and continue creating ^_^

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