Welcome to Chaparral Artists

We are an art organization in the Morongo Basin that exists to support artists. Chaparral Artists started as a group of artists that wanted to assist the local theater, later separating into the Chaparral Artists organization. In 2013 we were granted 501(c)3 status with a strong goal of supporting art culture and providing youth art opportunities in the area.

Featured Artists

September 2021
We do not yet have anyone showing work at the Center for Healthy Generations, but we are hoping to rectify this soon!

Kim Clements and Beverly Schmuckle are displaying their art for the month September at the Presbyterian Church in Yucca Valley. Kim Clements is a photographer sharing homegrown scenes of desert beauty while Beverly Schmuckle has a lovely array of watercolors, mixed media, and acrylic works.

Show your support by visiting these venues and enjoying beautiful creations! For more information about these venues, visit the Schedule page. For more information about these artists visit the Members page and search for their name.

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