Each month Chaparral Artists feature their members' artwork. We want to celebrate our members' accomplishments, and we help do so by managing Featured Shows at participating venues. We hope to provide a lasting space for our members to shine at these venues. Here you will find a growing list of Featured Artists with a bit of information about them!

For a peak into the past, follow the year-based links below:

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Current Featured Artists

The GROUP summer show is still on display during most of SEPTEMBER at the Center for Healthy Generations in Yucca Valley.

Joan Scott is sharing her creations at the Desert Hills Presbyterian Church in Yucca Valley during the month of September. Scott’s mixed media and abstract scenes are engaging and colorful, holding secret visual discoveries in many of the wild beauties she creates.

Show your support by visiting these venues and enjoying beautiful creations! For more information about these venues, visit the Schedule page. For more information about these artists visit the Members page and search for their name.