January 2020

Sampatti shared her work at the Center for Healthy Generations. Her photography represents the beauty of nature in some of its most abstract ways. She presents a micro view of the world at times that is quirky and lovely.

Dorene Fundin shared an amazing selection of watercolors at the Presbyterian Church in January. Dorene has a soft touch with her watercolors, preserving sections of white to create a beautiful contrast in the scene that many find challenging to create. She presented such variety in subjects and she packed the walls, making the meeting room walls alive with color.

February 2020

Nancy Miehle shared her work at the Center for Healthy Generations in February. Her oils and mixed media are vivid in color and joyous to behold. She offered a perfect selection of animal, floral, and landscape to lift the senses.

March 2020

Virginia Neal shared her art at the Center for Healthy Generations in March. She is one of our multi talented artists working with a number of mediums to include but not limited to acrylics, collage, mixed media, and photography. Virginia's works were energizing and they lit up the room with bold color.

Carl Smelko shared his photography with us at the Presbyterian Church in March. Carl is definitely a traveler with a sharp eye for inviting scenes that make you want to pick up your bags and head out on the road to enjoy the beauties he has shared!

April & May 2020

Due to the limitations we all faced during the Coronavirus outbreak, we were forced to halt the Featured Artists at both participating venues - the Center for Healthy Generations and the Presbyterian Church.

July & August 2020

With the Center for Healthy Generations and the Desert Hills Presbyterian Church unable to display art with the strict County set Covid-19 guidelines, we are that much more fortunate that the Rainbow Stew storefront is capable of opening its doors. We were able to feature several artists that would have been shown at other locations!

Mary Catherine Fetterly works in acrylics presenting glowing imagery with a fantasy element embedded within each piece.

Jennifer Grandi produces fine detail in the soft medium of pastel. Her work is realistic and representational of the desert beauty surrounding her.

Nancy Kimes shared ink works that conveyed freedom and dance in each brush stroke.

Joan Scott works in a variety of mediums, most notably the exciting acrylic pours she shared during the months.

September 2020

Unable to display at the Center for Healthy Generations or the Desert Hills Presbyterian Church through the remainder of 2020, we are thankful that Rainbow Stew worked with us to feature a few more artists during September.

Julianne Koza, Kim Clements, and Raini Armstrong displayed their art together at Rainbow Stew during the month of September.

Julianne Koza is a photographer, Raini Armstrong a watercolorist and Kim Clements shared both watercolors and photography.