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Experimental Photographic Processes
Mixed Media


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Diana Shay Diehl, with over 38 years of teaching experience, is a seasoned art educator known for her expertise in cameraless photographic printmaking and printing from film negatives. She goes beyond teaching techniques, encouraging students to explore the 'why' behind their art. Diana extends her impact through portfolio reviews, guiding emerging artists.

Her versatility is evident in her mastery of cold and hot wax techniques, adding texture to artistic creations. Diana fosters collaboration, participating and leading joint projects to enhance the artistic experience for her students. Beyond the studio, she is an enthusiastic camper, hiker, and backpacker, connecting her love for nature with her artistic perspective.

During summers, Diana takes on the role of a Mono Lake interpretive educator, highlighting her commitment to environmental education. In essence, Diana Shay Diehl is a multifaceted artist and educator whose influence extends beyond the classroom, making her a guiding force in the artistic community.