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Victoria Sebanz

Victoria is an interdisciplinary, installation and conceptual artist, illustrator, author, educator, poet and dancer. Working in a wide variety of materials, she expresses herself primarily by working in a series of works. For over 3 decades she has presented her art while teaching both art and dance in Los Angeles. Victoria recently retired and moved to Landers CA where she is President of the esteemed Chaparral Artists. She is an active community member and shows her work in various local and galleries as well as through the Hwy 62 Tours.

Her Veenus series is an exploration of Woman and consists of 3D torsos that exist with and without borders. Victoria explores the concept of somatic memory and translates different facets of women by using a variety of materials including wood, plastic, resin and organic materials. Beads, feathers and bone are like seeds and are imbedded somewhere into the pieces. Unique found materials grace each piece and connect to their names: My House My Skin, Nesting, Sacred Land, Cosmos, Alchemy and She is My Tattoo.

Her Native Series began as a series of leather, bone and beaded artworks. It is inspired by her cultural heritage. “Powwow”/May the Circle be Unbroken” is one of this grouping. This artwork was followed by a series of leather and wood pieces.

The 3 wooden pieces are figurative silhouettes which defy the paper doll format while speaking to the indigenous understanding and connection to both Earth and the spirit world. This series has expanded to artworks of abstracted wooden shapes that allude to creation and prophecy stories, as well as to a simpler time of being connected to the land and water.

All of the series continue to be developed and shown in various stages.

“I Occupy Myself” Series is about the body politic. It began as a photographic installation and has expanded to a series of doors with sound, poetry and paint that allow for a psychological journey. This series of 7 chakra themed doors is a womanifesto designed to empower the viewer.

Victoria is also the author of “She has a Penchant for Passion” which is a collection of some of her art and poetry. It is available on Amazon.

She is currently editing her second book regarding her Near Death Experience at age 17 and the synchronicities and events that followed. She has begun to talk about the experience and is interviewee #382 on the Jeff Mara podcast. If you have any questions please email Victoria at and list “NDE” in the title. For any art sales or viewings please list “Art” in the title.

“My goal is to live an authentic and passionate life with Ease and Grace.”