Past & Presents Projects

Chaparral Artists have been involved in numerous projects throughout the years. We hope to provide a creative outlet and a learning environment to youth groups and we support one another by providing art sharing opportunities and inspirational group outings. Some of the following projects just scratch the surface of what Chaparral Artists have worked on over the years. We hope to continue sharing, inspiring, and creating together!

Tank Art Project

The Tank Art Project finally Completed. The project is in conjunction with the Joshua Basin Water District to paint murals on the water tanks in Joshua Tree. The first tank will be the tank located behind the Water-Wise Garden located on Cholita at the JBWD office. The Mural would be under the Chaparral Artists' direction with the Yucca Valley High School Art Club's help. The Chaparral Artists assisted students in learning about murals, the process of prepping and painting, and the development of a personal art portfolio. The painting began on October 6 and was completed during the week. Chaparral primed and readied the site on the 6th and 7th. Painting with the students proceeded on the 8th and 9th; students painted each day from 2:30 pm to 5 pm, finishing up with pizza and sandwiches. A reception was held on the 11th, honoring the students.

Boys & Girls Club

Nancy Miehle has worked with the Boys & Girls Club in Yucca Valley for years, providing fun and interesting projects and painting opportunities.

Joshua Tree Community Center Summer Splash

For several years running the Chaparral Artists have been able to paint with youths and adults alike during their Summer Splash event. Chaparral believes that in providing a safe and creative outlet, they nurture creative endeavors and results.

Orchid Festival

Chaparral Artists has been proud to work with Gubler's Orchids at their beautiful Orchid Festival for several years. At the festival, Chaparral sets out to paint with youths, introducing tips and tricks to the excited kids in addition to their interested loved ones. Lately, we have also been able to sell members' artwork. We are delighted each year we are able to work with Gubler's Orchids, and we hope to work with them for years to come!