Our Members

Chaparral Artists is home to creative individuals of all artistic styles and mediums of choice. Many of our members found their voice in the perfect medium for them, while others enjoy multiple mediums!

We want to be there for one another and we are happy to share our experiences and lend advice where we can. To do this, we invite our members to share their biographies, artistic adventures, or wax eloquent about why they chose their favorite medium.​ These stories and other information about our members will be shared on this page.


Please click on the hyperlinked text available to view a biographical page dedicated to any participating members!

Raini Armstrong, Photography | Watercolors
Sonja Arnel,
Jeni Bate, Refractured Watercolor | Mixed Media | Acrylics | Oils
David Clements, Photography
Kim Clements, Photography | Watercolors
Molly Cummings, ART SUPPORTER!
Sue Dailey, Watercolors
Susan Davenport, Acrylics | Oils | Watercolors
Richard Davenport, ART SUPPORTER!
Mary Catherine Fetterly, Acrylics
Mae Fox, Stained Glass | Oils | Wood Carving
Dorene Fundin, Watercolors
Sharon George, Watercolors | Scratch-Art
Jennifer Grandi
, Soft-Pastels
Donald Irwin,
Shirley James, Oils | Watercolors
Ed Keesling, Ceramics
Nancy Kimes, Ink-Art
Valya Kindelvich,
Julianne Koza, Photography
Lynzy Kunz, Acrylics
Sunshine Laue, Watercolors
Kyle Layton, Acrylics
Deane Locke, Watercolors
Lalo Lucio, Acrylics
Lisa Manifold, Photography
Darla McAlister, Watercolors | Gourds
Nancy McHenry, Mixed Media
Terry Meyer, Watercolors
Robert Miehle, ART SUPPORTER!
Nancy Miehle, Oils | Watercolors
Kathy Miller, Photography | Acrylics | Mixed Media
Linda Moore
Karen Mortensen, Fabric Sculpture | Poet | Soft-Pastels
Virginia Neal, Acrylics | Oils
Sharon Nieters, Watercolor
Duane Nieters, ART SUPPORTER!
Carolyn Nye, Acrylics | Watercolors
Laura Paez, Watercolors
Jo Ann Petersen, Oils
Jim Petersen, Wood-craft
Patricia Quandel, Photography
Tami Roleff, Photography
Claire Sampatti Plowman, Photography
Laurie Schafer, Fabric Arts
Beverly Schmuckle, Oils
Joan Scott, Acrylics | Pastels
Diana Shay-Diehl, Photography
Carl Smelko, Photography
Red Toph, Watercolors
Don Wallin,
Betty Wallin,

Featured Artists

With the help of participating venues, we feature members of Chaparral Artists for free at the Presbyterian Church and at the Center for Healthy Generations. Follow the hyperlinked title to enjoy past featured artists.


September 2021
We do not yet have anyone showing work at the Center for Healthy Generations, but we are hoping to rectify this soon!

Kim Clements and Beverly Schmuckle are displaying their art for the month September at the Presbyterian Church in Yucca Valley. Kim Clements is a photographer sharing homegrown scenes of desert beauty while Beverly Schmuckle has a lovely array of watercolors, mixed media, and acrylic works.

Show your support by visiting these venues and enjoying beautiful creations! For more information about these venues, visit the Schedule page. For more information about these artists visit the Members page and search for their name.

In Rememberance

We were better for knowing them while we could, and these past members will never be forgotten! Follow the hyperlinked title above to visit the Remembrance page.


Acrylic Painters


Colored Pencil Artists

Charcoal and Graphite Artists

Digital Designers

Fabric Sculptors


Oil Painters

Oil Pastel Artists

Pen & Ink Artists


Soft Pastel Artists

Stained Glass Creators



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