Meilani MacDonald

Main Interest: Creating Digital Art through Virtual Photography

Meilani is a creative soul who is drawn to producing digital art through virtual photography in a virtual world. She creates primarily fantasy, faerie and goddess images that often have a spiritual side to them. Meilani begins by creating her avatar’s look, outfit, poses, and the scenes she wants to portray. The virtual world’s fantastic virtual photography tools enable her to produce the special effects, lighting, atmosphere, depth and camera settings desired for the image she is striving to create and capture.

Prisoner - FGI23 Entry

Click here to browse Meilani’s “showcase album” of virtual photography on Flickr

Meilani sometimes writes short stories to go along with her pics – click here to find a selection of those in her stories section

Meilani enjoys creating custom-made ‘Inner Goddess’ or ‘Inner God’ avatars for others who would love to see their inner beings represented by a fantastical avatar. Click here to see some examples.

Inner Goddess series (mine:) - Faerie in Meditation - full version<

Meilani uses her original art to design home decor, apparel, holiday and gift items, party and business supplies and more, all available for purchase in her Goddess Whispers shop on Zazzle.

Sketchpad / notebook featuring Meilani’s digital art on the cover

If NFTs are your thing, check out Meilani’s Faerie and Fantasy NFT’s here.

Main Interest #2: Crochet and Beadwork Crafting

Meilani loves to craft beautiful crocheted and beaded ornaments and accessories which she offers at local craft fairs, and hopefully soon in select Hi-Desert gift shops.

Crocheted and beaded magnetic brooches for holding your reading glasses

Other Interests

Meilani also enjoys also enjoys gardening, cooking, and photography, though her only camera is whatever comes with her phone. She finds the digital photography age to be dangerous, in that it’s too easy to take a bazillion photos with that phone and then run out of storage space, so she mainly just does it for fun and has a habit of deleting most of her photos after she takes them, because of course she needs to save that precious storage space for photos and videos of her darling doggies.

Other Stuff: Law of Attraction, the Power of Positive Thinking, and Business Things

Meilani is a big lover of the Law of Attraction teachings of Abraham-Hicks, and a believer in the power of positive thinking in manifesting one’s reality. Many of her digital art creations are inspired by these leanings. On the business side, in addition to providing computer lessons and marketing consulting, she has helped freelancers and solopreneurs release the feelings of overwhelm that often come with doing it all themselves through positive mindset counseling sessions, practical exercises, worksheets, and coloring sheets designed to help people train their brains to think positive thoughts instead of negative ones. These worksheets and coloring sheets are available in the GoddessWhispersArt shop on Etsy.

If you are interested in purchasing handcrafted items or contracting Meilani to create custom fantasy art for you, contact her via direct message at @1Meilani or on Instagram!

If you would like to schedule an appointment with Meilani for computer lessons, marketing consulting, or positive mindset coaching, visit her website at