Writeup! Gallery Systems – are they right for you?

To Streamline the Hanging of Art... Gallery systems are made to simplify the management of wall hangings, especially in an environment that often experiences change. With a hanging system installed, a tight organization of art can be also accomplished. But is this enough to interest you in purchasing and installing one of these systems? Gallery systems are made up of a selection of rails, wires or rods, and hooks that can maximize the art...

Member List


Most of our members not only support Chaparral artists through their membership and volunteer time, but they also share their art at our exhibits and share their skill during demonstrations and discussions. Some of our members have provided biographies and photos of their art to be placed here, please click on any of the available hyperlinked Names to view a page dedicated to these participating members.

Raini Armstrong
Photography | Watercolors

Sonja Arnel
Acrylics | Mixed-Media

Jeni Bate
Refractured Watercolor | Mixed Media | Acrylics | Oils

David Clements

Kim Clements
Photography | Watercolors | Soft Pastel

Sue Dailey

Susan Davenport
Acrylics | Oils | Watercolors

Mary Catherine Fetterly

Mae Fox
We will always remember you!

Stained Glass | Oils | Wood Carving

Dorene Fundin

Sharon George
Watercolors | Scratch-Art

Jennifer Grandi
Soft-Pastel | Mixed-Media

Shirley James
Oils | Watercolors

Ed Keesling

Nancy Kimes
Ink-Art | Acrylics

Valya Kindelvich

Julianne Koza

Lynzy Kunz

Sunshine Laue

Kyle Layton

Deane Locke

Lalo Lucio

Lisa Manifold

Darla McAlister
Watercolors | Gourds

Nancy McHenry
Mixed Media | Ceramics

Terry Meyer

Nancy Miehle
Oils | Watercolors | Stained-Glass

Kathy Miller
Photography | Acrylics | Mixed Media

Linda Moore

Karen Mortensen
Fabric Sculpture | Poet | Soft-Pastels

Virginia Neal
Acrylics | Oils

Sharon Nieters

Carolyn Nye
We will always remember you!
Acrylics | Watercolors

Laura Paez

Jo Ann Petersen

Jim Petersen

Patricia Quandel

Tami Roleff

Claire Sampatti Plowman

Laurie Schafer
Fabric Arts

Beverly Schmuckle

Joan Scott
Acrylics | Pastels

Diana Shay-Diehl

Carl Smelko

Red Toph


A hearty thank you to those amazing people that choose to support Chaparral Artists through membership. These individuals might be art collectors, art enthusiasts, or supportive friends. They pay membership and for that they can choose to subscribe to our newsletter for updates on group activities, attend outings and volunteer their time at our events. We appreciate you!

Molly Cummings

Tom Dailey

Richard Davenport

Donald Irwin

Carey Meyer

Robert Miehle

Duane Nieters

Jerry Paez

Don Wallin

Betty Wallin

Writeup – Feather Art Workshop 2021

A personalized painting tool The feather art workshop with instructor Nancy Kimes was held in December of 2021. Attendance was sparse but something personable is gained with limited participants - we had the instructor's full attention! I was lucky for such an opportunity to fall into my lap for it gave me time to participate and take plenty of photos. In this Feather Art workshop, participants were provided materials to both create their own...


Past & Presents Projects

Chaparral Artists have been involved in numerous projects throughout the years. We hope to provide a creative outlet and a learning environment to youth groups and we support one another by providing art sharing opportunities and inspirational group outings. Some of the following projects just scratch the surface of what Chaparral Artists have worked on over the years. We hope to continue sharing, inspiring, and creating together!

Tank Art Project

The Tank Art Project finally Completed. The project is in conjunction with the Joshua Basin Water District to paint murals on the water tanks in Joshua Tree. The first tank will be the tank located behind the Water-Wise Garden located on Cholita at the JBWD office. The Mural would be under the Chaparral Artists' direction with the Yucca Valley High School Art Club's help. The Chaparral Artists assisted students in learning about murals, the process of prepping and painting, and the development of a personal art portfolio. The painting began on October 6 and was completed during the week. Chaparral primed and readied the site on the 6th and 7th. Painting with the students proceeded on the 8th and 9th; students painted each day from 2:30 pm to 5 pm, finishing up with pizza and sandwiches. A reception was held on the 11th, honoring the students.

Boys & Girls Club

Nancy Miehle has worked with the Boys & Girls Club in Yucca Valley for years, providing fun and interesting projects and painting opportunities.

Joshua Tree Community Center Summer Splash

For several years running the Chaparral Artists have been able to paint with youths and adults alike during their Summer Splash event. Chaparral believes that in providing a safe and creative outlet, they nurture creative endeavors and results.

Orchid Festival

Chaparral Artists has been proud to work with Gubler's Orchids at their beautiful Orchid Festival for several years. At the festival, Chaparral sets out to paint with youths, introducing tips and tricks to the excited kids in addition to their interested loved ones. Lately, we have also been able to sell members' artwork. We are delighted each year we are able to work with Gubler's Orchids, and we hope to work with them for years to come!

Night Photography – Part 4

Digital Darkroom Post Processing. Editing. These words have gained a slightly negative connotation when talking about digital photography, but remember that post processing of digital images is based upon the alterations available to film photographer in darkrooms. I realized that it also included a plethora of other abilities like cloning out blemishes, but I do not like throwing the baby out with the bathwater, per say. Taken in its cleanest...

Night Photography – Part 3

Camera Setup You will push your camera to the limit during night shoots. You will exhaust your batteries. You will crank up the ISO, making your image grainy... on purpose. You will set the exposure time longer and longer as you test how much light your camera can capture. And you will go to the lowest apparature you can,, virtually erasing the possibility of sharp definition on anythin closer to you than infinity. Because clarity is...

Night Photography – Part 2

Be mindful You have everything - your tools, your plan, maybe even your friends to make the night shoot grand. No matter how familiar you are with your photo-friends, remember to keep a few things in mind, including being mindful of your surroundings. This includes the people you are spending time with. Situational Awareness It is essential to be respectful of other photographers during night shoots. A common situation we find ourselves in is...

Night Photography – Part 1

Suppose you are intrigued with capturing a crescent moon showering a landscape in dim light. Or is it the silhouettes of rocks and trees against the fall of starlight that calls to you? Or maybe you fancy a colorful glow on your favorite Joshua tree? If these scenes appeal to you, read on to learn what night photography entails and whether you are ready to jump in. First and foremost, with low light photography, you must have a camera that you...

Night Photography

Are you interested in trying out night photography? It has become a very popular photographic expression, especially in regions such as ours, where the desert sky is relatively dark and clear. But what do you need? What kind of night photography are you drawn to? And where should you begin? The first two questions are tied together. It goes without saying that nighttime photography requires a certain amount of supporting equipment. A DSLR...

Exhibit Deadlines around Morongo Basin

Fall festivities and art opportunities are just around the corner! You can feel it, as the heat of summer stabilizes, and that warm wind chills ever so slightly to make way for summer rains gliding across the landscape. This often-subtle change comes with a slew of opportunity for art display and art creation. The following provides a list of upcoming exhibits that we are keeping track of for our members. Some of the opportunities require...