To Streamline the Hanging of Art...

Gallery systems are made to simplify the management of wall hangings, especially in an environment that often experiences change. With a hanging system installed, a tight organization of art can be also accomplished. But is this enough to interest you in purchasing and installing one of these systems?

Gallery systems are made up of a selection of rails, wires or rods, and hooks that can maximize the art hanging capacity of blank walls. Yet investing in a gallery system, no matter what the brand you choose, is just that - an investment. These systems are relatively expensive. Many galleries make the investment because of the monthly or quarterly costs associated with volunteer time and wall repair materials. For galleries, museums, studios, libraries and businesses, the initial expense is worthwhile because it saves them on time and materials for as long as the system is in use. 

Some artists and collectors have also made the investment if they often showcase art at their homes.The freedom of change can be incorporated easily and quickly, either seasonally or as the mood strikes with these systems. 

The cost can be prohibiting, however, if none of these pros apply to you. 

Case in point - I calculated the cost for an in-home system for me…

I have four walls with a total of 45 linear feet that I can hang the bulk of my art on. If I was able to arrange my art in a tight manner I think I would use 25 cables (the average size of my art is 11x14 framed) and up to 50 clips. It turned out that a system by AS ( resulted in the most affordable gallery setup, coming to $530. This would be a serious investment for me, one that I have not yet taken advantage of.


  • No more repairing walls
  • Fast adjustment to art arrangements
  • Modern look


  • These systems are expensive. They eventually pay for themselves in setup time and wall repair time\cost, but only if you regularly change out and\or maneuver art on walls.
  • Modern look (this can be a con if you dislike metal lines dividing the visible negative space of the wall!)

Gallery System Art Displays

Example Gallery system

Wall track - $29 per 6.5ft track

Original Cable - $69 per 10 pack of 6.5ft cables

Original hooks - $59 per 10 pack of allen-wrench hooks

STAS Picture Hanging System

Example STAS system

Wall track - $26.12 per 59in track

Original Cable - $69 per 10 pack of 6.5ft cables

Original hooks - $59 per 10 pack of allen-wrench hooks

Walker Display System

Example Walker system

Wall track - $29.99 per 6ft track

Metal Cable - $6.99 per 4ft cable

Original hooks - $50 per 10 pack of hooks

AS Hanging Systems

Example AS system

Ceiling track ($31.10 per 72in track)

P-end cables ($4.30 per 4ft cable)

Mini Hooks ($3.95 per hook)

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