Be mindful

You have everything - your tools, your plan, maybe even your friends to make the night shoot grand. No matter how familiar you are with your photo-friends, remember to keep a few things in mind, including being mindful of your surroundings. This includes the people you are spending time with.

Situational Awareness

It is essential to be respectful of other photographers during night shoots. A common situation we find ourselves in is the accidental altering of another photographer's shot. You have set up your composition, begun an exposure, walked away from your camera, and boom, the image is affected by the actions of another person. Another photographer began setting up their equipment near yours, mid snapshot. Lights, dim or not, are being used. Or a person inadvertently walks into your shot. Be careful; keep track of where your fellow photographers are. Use your voice - announce your position and announce that you are taking a photo. Clear communication is vital. It will help to minimize the number of aggravations between photographers.

Less is acceptable!

Many photographers of the digital era take hundreds of photos during a session. During a night shoot, you will not come close to that number. Finding your way to a location takes time. Equipment setup takes time. Composing a shot and testing the scene takes time. Safety and sure-footedness are of utmost importance, and you guessed it, it slows everything down! Everything must slow down during a night shoot, so do not be discouraged if by the end of the evening you have only a portion of your typical number of 'snaps.' 

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