Call for Stories

The Chaparral Sketch is a great way to keep up-to-date with Chaparral events across the Basin. During this time of necessary gathering limitations, however, fewer in-person 'events' are possible. So, we are trying to increase collaboration and sharing through digital means. We hope to provide a way for members to stay in touch by sharing their stories on the website and in the newsletter we publish.

We all enjoy a myriad of hobbies and are working on a number of art projects. We have collected stories and experiences that color our world, lending nuance and beauty and depth to our lives. Please share a little something with Chaparral about your art, your artistic thoughts, your mediums, and your experiences with the world of art.

Credit will always be given to those who send in articles.

Thank you!

Submission Guidlines

Content - keep submissions art-centric. Introduce us to your own art style and the medium(s) you work in. Introduce us to what you gravitate toward in the art world - what excites you about art. Tell us about how your art has changed over the years since joining Chaparral Artists. Tell us about an inspirational art teacher that you once worked with. The sky's the limit!

Writing Style - open. We will accept third-person past tense, narrative first person, poetry, etc. Have fun with this this!

Article Length - please keep your submissions between 300 and 600 words.

Image Resolution - if you send images, please save them at 300dpi (dots per inch) with the longest side limited to 2000px (pixels)


Drop us an email and include your story submission, a few images if you have/want them included, and we will get to work including them in the next newsletter. This is a year-round opportunity to participate with your fellow members, so no rush, but remember that we would love to hear from you sooner rather than later.

Writeup! "Black & White" show
Writeup! Judged Spring Photo - 2021