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Writeup! Members Appreciation


Painting on Glass

The Members Appreciation event was held on Friday, February 21, at the Center for Healthy Generations.

Chaparral Artists wanted to honor their members by providing a free workshop. Chaparral members were welcomed to invite a guest interested in joining our group and painting with friends. Pizza and ice cream was served.

Chaparral Artists had a wonderful time painting on glass using multi-surface acrylic paints. Inspiration was drawn from a floral arrangement featuring small sunflowers. Multiple photos of the floral arrangement were provided to the attendees to spark inspiration or provide guidelines.

A brief introduction was offered on the glass painting technique. Tips and tricks were provided to the workshop attendees and supplies - paints, glass bowls, glass plates, and brushes were provided. Attendees were introduced to the concept of painting the first layers of an object - the topmost element of a scene - before painting any additional layers. Acrylic paint is affixed on the outside of glass when using this method, not the inside of glass. The vessel will then remain clean to use for displaying candles or serving snacks.

The process of painting on the outside of the glass can be tricky. Artists must wrap their mind around painting foreground elements before background elements. For many artists, this practice seems backwards to them. For example, dimples on an insect must be painted before the body of the insect is painted. The closest leaves of a tree must be painted before any limbs, or the trunk can be painted, and that is all done before the sky is applied to the scene. Some of our members equated the process to that of 'negative painting.' Still, there are strange differences from even the difficulties experienced by artists familiar with the negative painting method.

Some members and their friends chose to diverge from the floral arrangement. They painted a variety of scenes - sunsets, feathers and rope, and simple shapes were a few alternate scenes that members came up with.

The gathering was a big success. Many participants shared that they had fun painting on glass as a surface. They hoped to have a second gathering to continue practicing the technique. Both experienced and self-proclaimed inexperienced artists worked together, sharing their excitement at playing with a medium new to them. As always, everyone brought different expertise to the event and produced beautiful results.