There is something fantastical about the Gubler's Orchid Festivals that I cannot help but look forward to. The beauty blooming within the humid rooms that are nestled in the middle of the desert is something magical in and of itself. The depth of scent each orchid exudes sets the senses at ease. The smiles of the children that are seeing all of the colors on the tables. Or maybe that is simply what I am experiencing!

The Orchid Festival was held on October 1st and 2nd this year (2022). Chaparral is so lucky to be a part of this event! Thanks go to Nancy Miehle for maintaining such a wonderful connection with Chris Gubler.

For years now, Chaparral Artists have been able to set up inside where the Orchid classes are held. It allows us the ability to hang a few pieces of member-created art on the walls and provide half-tables to those members wishing to showcase or sell their creations. Members wishing to show their work just need to manage their table and help manage the Chaparral table(s). Our big goal during the Orchid Festival is spreading the word about Chaparral and to hold the raffle that is responsible for funding art supplies for kids-paint events and members art creation events. In fact, the Orchid Festival is our biggest fundraising event during the year! We sell raffle items that are donated by members of the organization and sell special wood sets that were donated to us in the 60s. We also provide painting opportunities for kids and adults alike. For those interested in honing their painting skills, we offer advice while painting along with participants, but often our painting volunteers just have to keep the table tidy and the paint brushes clean! 

The Orchid Festival is by far the best environment we have to share our artistic experiences with the public while raising funds for Chaparral. And better yet, the orchids are amazing! There is a lot to do for volunteers and visitors during the festival too. The event has grown immensely over the years. Non-profits share information about their organizations and food and children's games draw families to the event. I thank everyone who offered their time to Chaparral that weekend. Some volunteers were able to help set up on the Friday before, and spend all day with us during Saturday and Sunday, while others could only offer a few hours. I want to make sure to thank you for whatever time you could provide. The event can be a whirlwind of excitement every year, but there are always lulls of quiet in between. I was excited to see familiar faces and work alongside volunteering members and friends.

I look forward to the event every year, and I hope we continue to attend for many to come!

Nancy Miehle deserves extra kudos for creating something extra lovely as well... this year there was a contest for the best decorated donation can. Those cans sit within the store and outside by the food court. Because of Nancy's eye for color and subject, Chaparral Artists won the prize this year for the bright and beautiful Orchid themed decoration!

Judged Fall Photo
Judged Fall Art