Members Show - "Black & White"

Is it a simple filter you play with when capturing life around you? Maybe, at first. But the real power behind black and white art - in all its forms - is in the conveyance of a story. The process the artist goes through to highlight a single subject, to express the emotion of a scene, to compose a moment in time that would otherwise be lost in the sea of colors, make black and white works pop.

Photographers and painters alike benefit from trying their hand at working with this limited palette. Some of you have already found a way to express yourselves in the contrast of lights and darks, so share your beauties with us. For others, maybe this opportunity will provide an excuse to play with the colorless scape that is black and white. 

I am a fan of color, myself, bold and beautiful and just a bit too pure for reality, but understanding how to work with black & white does amazing things to strengthen your existing painting and photography repertoire. So, let’s celebrate our new and old black & white pieces in the members only Black & White show in February.

Writeup! "Anything Goes!" show
Writeup! "Black & White" show