Joan Scott - Acrylics, Pastels, Photography, Mixed Media

Color Magnificence

Chaparral member Joan Scott is presenting a captivating array of her artwork throughout March at the Center for Healthy Generations.

While Joan is experienced with various mediums, this exhibition primarily features acrylics for her dynamic acrylic pours and pastels for a softer touch, creating vibrant, undulating color combinations. Demonstrating an exceptional skill, Joan adeptly uncovers hidden creatures within both her acrylic pourings and serene pastels.

In her pastel compositions, a nuanced subtlety is evident, despite the bold and strong use of color. Interestingly, the ultimate effect remains consistent—an overall soothing of the spirit. The palette showcased in this specific exhibit emphasizes purples and blues, offering a delightful contrast to the arid seeming desert sands and sage greens of our surrounding Morongo Basin environment.

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