In March the Chaparral Artists' held a themed exhibition titled "Surprises" at Rainbow Stew in Yucca Valley. This members-only show featured twenty-six (26) entries from twelve (12) creators. We enjoy offering themes that are interpretively open to the kinds of submissions that might fit, and surprises can clearly come in many different forms. The surprise vibrancy of a sunrise/sunset, the excitement of capturing something elusive on camera, the surprise result of a new technique that succeeded or a color combination that went wonderfully and unexpectedly right.

From March 16 to April 10, visitors were treated to an exciting collection of diverse mediums, styles, and compositions featuring some kind of 'surprise'.

On March 16, a soft opening event took place at Rainbow Stew from 3 to 5pm, providing both visitors and attending creators with an opportunity to engage in discussions about the exhibited artwork. Concurrently, our inaugural quarterly meeting was held, marking an important milestone for our community. This initiative aims to accommodate members unable to attend weekday meetings, ensuring they remain informed about past achievements and upcoming events. Although attendance was modest, we are committed to sustaining these quarterly gatherings to enhance the overall experience for our membership.

Featuring - JOAN SCOTT - Mar '24
Judged Creative Art - Apr '24