Myrtle Cassell - Acrylics, Watercolor, Mixed Media

A crafter, and artist, an amazing woman

Myrtle Cassel is showcasing her artistic creations at the Presbyterian Church throughout the month of March. Myrtle, a genuinely humble creator, possesses talents that extend across various mediums. She skillfully crafts delightful low-sugar jams and sweets, all the while devoting time to bring to life a fantastical realm on paper and leather. Her creative essence flows from her hands in a gentle and joyous manner.

Myrtle's watercolor works exude a refreshing and tender quality, marked by a spontaneity that is particularly captivating. If you're keen on experiencing her exhibit firsthand, the optimal time is to drop by on a Sunday after mass when the doors are open to visitors. Alternatively, for those interested in other visiting times, reaching out to the coordinator or pastor to make arrangements is advised.

"Land & Sea" - Feb '24
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