Your beauties, your space to shine

This members-only show titled "Anything Goes" was a themed exhibit on display at Rainbow Stew in Yucca Valley between July 16 and August 10.

The theme is completely open to interpretation to allow our members to show off their favorite creations off all time, situational, time-relative, and just share their beauties with our local and out-of-town visitors. We were impressed by the sheer number of entries and we were thrilled by the creativity and painterly styles of everyone's creations. The art was hung using a salon style arrangement - pieces packed tightly, filling the available spaces. I had so much fun fitting it all together.

There was no limit to the age of creations or the type of medium - though we cannot truly accommodate more than one three-dimensional piece during any of our shows because of limited floor space. Size limitations were only in place due to the allotted gallery space. This installment of anything and everything saw forty-four (44) entries submitted by seventeen (17) artists. Acrylics, mixed-media, oils, photography, and watercolor.

The Anything Goes exhibit will be on display until August 10 at Rainbow Stew in Yucca Valley, so stop on in and enjoy! As always, we hope you find the exhibit inspiring, and while you are there, take advantage of the shopping opportunities provided by the very inviting gift shop of unique and hand made local arts, crafts, and curios.

"Sunny Days"