Chaparral Artists take the summer months (July & August) off, which means we do not hold general meetings, board meetings, go on official outings, or manage gallery shows and featured artist shows. This break gives us the time to plan for the upcoming season and renew our creative focus. However, before we embark on two creative renewal months, we setup the summer shows at the Center for Healthy Generations and the Presbyterian Church in Yucca Valley to be group display months.

As always, group shows result in an exciting mixture of artistic styles, represented in a variety of mediums.

During the 2019 summer shows we displayed a total of 55 pieces of art from 18 different Chaparral Artists. The summer show provides a means to share member's works with the public, but it also serves to display work by artists new to sharing their art or those who do not feel they have enough inventory to be featured at these venues alone.

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