Written by Raini Armstrong

Chaparral Artists make it a habit to take the summer months of July and August off. We do not hold General Meetings or hang shows at Rainbow Stew, all in an attempt to prepare for the upcoming Fall and Winter action. But let me tell you, a simple hiatus doesn’t stop us from staying busy and crazy creative. The summer months often provide great opportunities for art creation, especially if the art in question can be accomplished indoors! For this reason, Chaparral Artists will dedicate the first show of the season to the topic “What I did this Summer”. 

Did you take a photographic excursion?
Did you paint like a fiend?
Did you brave the heat and work on three-dimensional pieces outdoors?!

We would love to hear about your adventures during the September Chaparral Meeting. It will be an exciting one; in addition to sharing our summer stories and creative adventures, we will be treated to a demonstration by Gretchen Grunt on encaustic painting! Encaustic painting, or hot wax painting, uses heated wax and colored pigments on a variety of canvas-like surfaces. The technique has been in use since 200AD, but it seems to have become all the rage over the last ten years. Gretchen's demonstration will certainly be a must see if you are already interested in the process, or are curious about what the technique entails!

Mark your calendar for these exciting opening season events! The September Chaparral Artists meeting with demonstrator Gretchen Grunt and the members only show "What I did this Summer" at Rainbow Stew:

  • Chaparral General Meeting (SEPTEMBER)  at the Center for Healthy Generations in Yucca Valley
    September 9 at 1-3pm
  • "What I did This Summer" members show at Rainbow Stew
    Intake Day 1, September 12 at 4:30-6pm
    Intake Day 2, September 13 at 12-2pm
  • Gubler's Paint-out at Gubler's Orchids in Landers
    September 14 at 10-12pm, please show up a little early and bring your own supplies for painting or photography!
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