The Same but Different members-only show was inspiring as usual!

I love this themed show because it sparks such creativity and collaboration between members. Some see a composition by an artist that they love and strive to try their hand at the same image, using the medium of their choice. Others have formed their entry together to create a unique grouping of beauty; the similarities and differences pop in every combination.

Two photographers submitted their take on "Same but Different," theme creating beautiful combinations of photos. I enjoyed the soft shades and diagonal mirroring of color in Deborah Roberts' entry titled "Stairs." Kathy Miller's piece titled "Sticky Prickly Things" demonstrates differences in the number of flowers and the intensity of color, while presenting the same 'thing' - cactus blossoms.

Nancy Miehle painted from a photograph that Kim Clements entered into the show. Raini Armstrong also painted from a photo that Julianne Koza submitted to the show.

Other artists collected groups of photographs that represented "Same but Different" in their eyes. Tami Roleff provided a beautiful trio of snow-covered Joshua trees, and Raini Armstrong provided three of her favorite photos from the 2019 super bloom.

Pat Quandel entered three different peacock focused items, her photograph, a painting of a feather by Virginia Neal, and a carefully crafted set of real peacock feathers framed under glass. The grouping was complimented beautifully with two watercolors entered by Sunshine Laue.

Many more photographs and paintings formed thematic groupings, including Keys Ranch Cars, Yosemite, Railroads, Wild Clouds, Bees, Owls, and Desert Fog.

I look forward to this particular members-only show every year, featuring the "Same but Different," and whatever that might mean to each artist.

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