Chaparral artists organize up to six shows per year, two open judged shows in the spring, two in the fall, and two themed shows. Our last show of the year is one of the themed shows called “Same but Different.” This is a member-only opportunity that will feature a selection of semi matching pieces by either the same artists or collaborating artists.

This show has been consistently one of the most inspiring, exciting, and somewhat confusing shows that Chaparral has come up with. The show provides members the freedom to come up with their own themes or show works that came from a shared workshop environment. The theme was born out of the desire to share group works. Often, Chaparral photographers and painters would attend paint out sessions, photography outings, and sign-up for painting/photography classes. After group events such as these, artists realized that they couldn’t always share their works at judged shows due to the similarities of their entries, and the art didn’t always fit the upcoming themed show opportunities. So, the Same but Different show was devised. 

One of the most remarkable things that shine through, when artists get together to paint or photograph the same scene or set out to reproduce the same concept, is uniqueness. Each artist comes in with their own style, their personal preferences, and they bring their own history to their representational efforts. 

The Same but Different show offers an opportunity to share this artistic uniqueness of seemingly similar subject material with the public. It might even provide a time to share the results of a group learning process, and best of all, it offers an opportunity for members to collaborate together during the year.

This year, the Same but Different members-only show will be at Rainbow Stew beginning on December 12. It will display until January 15, 2020. 

For those members still in search of a subject, the show committee and Photography reception attendees shared their interest in the following topics: 

Keys Ranch cars
Dense Fog Scenes
Burrowing Owls
Joshua Tree National Park rock walls

Remember, collaboration with other members is not a requirement, you might already have a subject in mind and have many beauties to share with the public! If you have a small collection of similarly themed works, or you work in multiple mediums yourself, bring in your ‘same but different’ representations.

Intake for the 2019 Same but Different show is on:

Thursday, December 12 (4:30-6pm)
Friday, December 13 (12:30-2pm)

The show reception provides a time to share stories category inspirations. Did you simply love a photograph and ask to paint it? Did you bring in several of your own pieces that were inspired by a location? Share this info with us on:

Sunday, December 15 (1-3pm)

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