So much exciting beauty to be shared!

The 29 Palms Art Gallery has been a must see location since 1963. The building is in the architectural style of an adobe with thick walls and brick texture inside and and out. The gallery features juried-in artists all year long in the east and west rooms and guild members in the central room, and workshops are being held once again! This month provides an exciting group show titled, "Desert Oddities" and a featured photographer - Luciano Demasi. I say exciting because it is, Luciano's photography is textured and vivid, even in its starker imagery. There is a surrealism, an alien feel to the photos he has post processed to alter the colors of trees and living elements in a scene, making geologic features fade into the background.

The Desert Oddities group show is full of energy presenting a mix of artists with an eye for unique representations of life and comforts. Rick Livingston captures the imagination with his merging of scenes from storybook, history, imagination and our beautiful desert at times. Laurie Schafer creates a sense of depth and connectivity with her woven paintings of cloth, ink, and jewel toned mixed media. Dianne Bennett shares an array of  wild creatures painted upon salvaged metal, merging eye-catching beauty with recycled materials. John Henson shares nail art creations, an intriguing mashup of pointillism and a very specific construction item. Eric Banas presents us with three-dimensional pieces born from found nuts, bolts, chain and other aged and now recyled metal objects. Dan Bartlett, a found objects artist creates beautiful lamps, melding the concepts of form and function into quirkya, mazing and sometimes moving home or office art. And Maryrose Crook presents a fantasy of texture and symbolism.

We have a few Chaparral Members displaying their art in the Guild Members room as well! Raini Armstrong's watercolors, pottery by Ed Keesling, the watercolors AND acryllic works of Jeni Bate, soft pastel art by Jennifer Grandi, and vibrant photography by Kathy Miller.

Night Photography - Part 4
Judged Fall Photo