The Chaparral Artists spent over four crazy hours with kids and their families, painting, trying to stay cool, and having fun at the Family Fun Fair on Sunday. The Yucca Valley Airport and the Yucca Valley Airport Committee organized a great event called the "Family Fun Fair" on September 1, 2019. Non-profit Organizations shared information about their groups and provided fun activities for the kids. Locals showed off classic cars and small aircraft to visitors, a few remote-controlled aircraft flew around making wild loops in the air, and a ton of fun was had.

The Chaparral Artists and the Hearts Foundation group were nestled in the shade of the Miehle hanger. Barely a moment was had that wasn't full of kids painting, families mingling, and friends seeking a few moments in the shade. Chaparral had three tables set out for kids to paint on, and they rarely had a seat unused. A selection of sun catching items and lots of acrylics were provided. Let me tell you, we painted the entire time! It was a busy and productive day.

This was the first time that the Family Fun Fair was provided, and I was pleasantly surprised with the turnout! I hope all of the other Non Profits had a great time sharing information to visitors, I know that Chaparral had a great time with the kids.

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