The Fall Judged Art show was on the walls at Rainbow Stew in Yucca Valley from September 16 to October 14 , 2023.

Our seasonal art shows are open to the public and judged by an invited professional creator or instructor and they provide a fantastic glimpse of what our local creators have been focused on.

A total of thirty-three (33) entries were received that came in from fourteen (14) participants. Please pass along the word for upcoming judged exhibits! More participation increases variety. We are challenging one another to seek out new scenes. We are making note of new and renewed techniques. Participation in these judged shows hones our skills as we learn from one another.

The entries were sorted into a three category - Nature, Creatures, and Abstract, with first, second, third, honorable mention, best of show, and president's award given out. Moneys received during intake go entirely toward prizes.

The Judge

Sharon Davis out of Morongo Valley was the judge of our Fall Art show. She creates striking, whimsical, colorful and lovely scenes in acrylic. She has a passion for repurposed materials and creates with her entire heart and soul.

Sharon Davis Instagram


Nature's Kaleidoscope

"The Forest"
Janet Kruser

"Strong feel of nature at its finest, beautiful colors of sky"

"Maple Tree Path"
L Hilary Slotta

"Great shadows and blending of colors, wonderful symmetry"

"Hidden Valley"
Noreen Lawlor

"The momentum builds with the bold strokes"

Honorable Mention
"Desert Show-off"

Krista Wargo

"Captures the growth of this vine"

Beautiful Creatures

Jennifer Grandi

"Nice composition, movement, and color"

Victoria Sebanz

"Great capture, nice lighting/coloring"

"Morning Hummingbird"
L Hilary Slotta

"Cute concept! Nice composition, color palette, great subject"

Honorable Mention
"So Far"
Jeni Bate

"Great texture and movement, unique composition of surface"


Nancy Miehle

"Clean cuts, great design and balance"

"Moon Goddess"
Victoria Sebanz

"Great detail, great facial features, good blend of colors"

"Birth of Aphrodite"

Victoria Sebanz

"Definition clear - the blending of shadows works"

Honorable Mention
"Spring in the Desert"
Joan Scott

"Good texture, the combination of colors work"

Best of Show

Jennifer Grandi

"You just get sucked in and feel what the animal is feeling - Great movement, yet peacefulness of the water."

President's Award of Merit

"Evening Forest"
Suzanne Burton

Thanks go to the participating creators that shared their work with us. To Rainbow Stew and all visitors that make these shows possible. And congratulations to the creators that placed!

If you find yourself out and about, make sure to stop by Rainbow Stew and enjoy the Judged Photo show. It will be displayed until October when we transition into the Judged, open to the public, Photography exhibit!

We all want to take advantage of this great space because it sees a constant stream of traffic throughout the week. Chaparral Artists see sales through this venue, so do not pass up the opportunity to hang your art with us when you can during these shows.

Stay safe and continue creating!

"Abstract" - Aug '23
Judged Photography - Oct '23