Event Date - April 19, 2021
Author - Raini Armstrong

The day was cloudless, bright, and inviting. Dark and richly colored rusty objects and clouded glass offering pops of brilliance in the sands found at Keys Ranch. I am thrilled to share that our first Chaparral Artists outing since early 2020 provided a great break from the confinement that many have experienced. I really enjoyed the trip out to the ranch in Joshua Tree National Park, and I would like to share a tip for when you visit a location like Keys Ranch. I made sure to narrow my focus to make the best of a few precious hours. And that, my friends, is a trick to be remembered! 

If and when you can visit a specific historical location such as Keys Ranch, it is essential to find something specific and go for it. I have been lucky to visit Keys Ranch a few times, and there never seems to be enough time to do it justice! It is easy to focus only on that which is memorable. Snaps collected of the ranch house, of the glass, and of the cars. But there is so much out there that can be discovered if you relax and enjoy the environment. If you set your sites on the weird, the colorful, the contrasted.

This time, I tried to focus on rust, which led me to capture as many patterns as possible. It was fun! I was so engaged with the task I set my sights on that I ran out of time to try a Plein Air piece. Maybe next time ^_^

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