Jeni Bate wowed Chaparral Artists by demonstrating a technique she coins as Refractured Watercolor during the May 2019 General Meeting.

Jeni is a magnificent artists that works big, something that I am in awe of. She has a knack for painting loose and free with the watercolor medium, in vivid colors, to capture serene as well as dramatic scenes. She often begins by painting with watercolor on a whole sheet of watercolor paper - but where I would feel accomplished with the end result, she goes further. Jeni coins her process as Refractured Watercolor because she actually cuts her watercolors up!

This process is fantastic and completely engaging. She begins by painting a scene that speaks to her. She then dismantles it into shapes and sizes that will work toward her end goal. She numbers these pieces to keep track of them and then reassembles these watercolor pieces onto a canvas - in a different order than she had started with. Jeni then paints on the canvas, using acrylics, in a manner that ties these assembled images together. She might even add some of her poetry, poetry inspired by the location and atmosphere that inspired the painting in the first place.

Jeni's finished art piece is both a visual and written word art form!

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