January 8, 2021 - SATURDAY - 11:30am-5:30pm
Center for Healthy Generations, Yucca Valley, CA

Whimsical and Freeing

Feather art is a unique artform that I would like to share with you. I have been presenting this method of art for about 4 years. It is abstract, impressionistic, whimsical, and free flowing. You are calling forth a different sense of the creativity within you when you use a feather as a tool. On many levels you are connecting with and enlightening your soul. During the workshop you will start by making your own brush(es)! This step infuses the brush with your own energy, and it is said that by using the feather you are honoring and perhaps paying homage to the bird that it came from. In a sense, you are allowing the bird's spirit to stay vibrant and alive as it moves through its journey to the afterlife.

No matter what one may believe about the afterlife, this is a message about releasing and being reborn. Letting go of the old and starting over is a story we weave into the fabric of our lives. This is one way the soul can express itself. We can in turn reflect upon our feelings and interpret the energy we are holding in our heart and mind.

During the process, you may be expressing energies from your conscious or subconscious mind. You are allowing the marks created on paper to tell a story, and this process has the potential of setting you free from the outside world. The feather always reveals what it wants you to see.

Now let me tone this down a bit and say, you will love the power, the flow, the energy of the feather. The images that come through represent the complexity or simplicity of you. They become a work of art that you will want to gaze at, sit with, and contemplate the many interpretations it can reveal to you.

You can register at The Center for Healthy Generations for this workshop, but you can also directly contact the instructor. Details found below on the flyer.

Create Artful Memories!

Nancy Kimes

"Anything Goes #4"
"Black & White" - Jan '22