Robert 'Bob' Rufer - Photography

In January, Bob Rufer showcased a modest yet engaging assortment of photographs at the Desert Hills Presbyterian Church. This collection was derived from a larger body of work curated for an exhibition titled "Six by Six on Route 66." Within this selection, Bob captured various scenes encountered along the iconic historic highway, offering viewers a glimpse into the charm and diversity of Route 66.

The photographs presented by Bob exuded a playful and vibrant energy, reflecting his distinctive style and keen eye for the unconventional. From quirky roadside attractions to surreal landscapes bathed in vivid colors, each image was a testament to Bob's skill in capturing an essence similar in nature to the eccentricity offered by the iconic Route 66.

Overall, Bob Rufer's display at the Desert Hills Presbyterian Church in January offered a delightful glimpse into his collection curated for a Route 66 gallery. His photographs, though small in number, left a lasting impression with their quirky allure and vivid storytelling.

"Assemblage & Digital Art" - Dec '23
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