Expanding upon creative tools available...

The Chaparral Artists' showcased a new thematic grouping in December - that of "Assemblage & Digital Art." And the results were fun, informative, and inspiring. The themed exhibit was presented at Rainbow Stew in Yucca Valley from December 2023 to January 2024.

We had identified a commonality in these captivating art forms and so wished for our members to stretch their imaginations and their creative spirits to come up with something from the past OR produce something brand new for this exhibit

The commonality, we dared to consider, is that they both involve the thoughtful integration of ideas, whether expressed through verbal phrases to morph into digital matter or manifested in physical objects. Assemblage creations often consist of unrelated everyday items, gathered and securely assembled to form partially three-dimensional artworks. Whereas digital art heavily relies on a computer as the 'tool' or glue that secures digitally woven photography, manipulated collage works and drawings and compilations created entirely of the written word using AI to bridge the gap between paper and verbiage.

With digital art, through minor, or substantial manipulations and mergings, the computer serves as a tool to enhance crucial elements, blend edges, and transform realism into fantasy.

And with Assemblage, the forgotten and lost objects of life find a new reality in the creation of a miniature worlds on canvas, wood, or ceramic. This exhibit resulted in a wonderful show of ideas, with a few explanations to lend understanding to the misunderstood and extensive broad category of artistic creation - Digital Art.

There was no limit to the age of creations or the type of medium - though we cannot truly accommodate more than one three-dimensional piece during any of our shows because of limited floor space. This installment of "Assemblage & Digital Art" received eighteen (18) entries submitted by five (5) creators in the mediums of acrylics, mixed-media, oils, pencil, photography, print, wood, bean, glass, watercolor, and so on 😉


We were open to a broad definition of 'assemblage', allowing for smaller submissions as well as large. This allowed our members to take a small step into the world of assembling a scene using a limited selection of rescued everyday materials. From the little mixtures of found metal and beaded submissions to the beautifully intricate dimensional submissions, we had a gorgeous turnout of assembled creations.

Digital Art

Within the realm of Digital Art, there exists a potentially extensive category of creativity. For this particular exhibit, we sought a spectrum that spans from simple to advanced manipulation of photography to the use of AI technology for crafting digital scenery, and everything in between!

Our expectations were surpassed as we encountered a delightful array of photographs that had been layered, altered, or artistically simplified. This included the fusion of digital background conversion to achieve a simulated charcoal quality, and the removal of color to better accentuate the subject at hand. The exhibit also featured the evolutionary process of transforming a photograph into a graphically renewed and invigorated outcome. Additionally, there was the utilization of artificial intelligence software to convert statements or multiple descriptive words into compelling two-dimensional scenes.

This exhibit served as a platform for the sharing of a diverse range of knowledge, creating an intriguing fusion of various art forms for the viewers.

"Same but Different" - Nov '23
Featuring - BOB RUFER - Jan '24