The Spring Judged Photography show is on the walls at Rainbow Stew in Yucca Valley until April 14, 2021.

As always it is fantastic to catch a glimpse of what our local photographers are focused on, especially knowing that we have all dealt with limited excursion opportunities for a year. For some, this meant the revisiting of outings past as our photographers found a gem in their archives that screamed out to be developed. For others, it meant the sharing of newly captured scenes that were taken a little closer to home!

A total of 15 photographs were received, fewer than we had hoped, so the typical three categories of "Nature's Kaleidoscope", "Beautiful Creatures", and "Hand of Man" were disregarded. All 15 entries are on display as a whole.

Our Judge

Mitch Miller was our judge, a professional photographer known for glorious captures of exploration and adventure in our region. With an experienced eye for composition and an amazing dedication to exploring his surroundings in search of beauty, Chaparral Artists were thrilled that he was able to judge our show in between excursions. For more information about Mitch, visit his website at Fine Earth Photography.

Categories Combined

"Mating Present"
David Clements

The best photographs tell a story and capture a moment. Some of the stories are fiction, but it’s even more special when you can capture reality. The psychic leading line of the younger bird’s gaze directs us to the secondary subject: lunch. And such crisp focus! - Mitch Miller

"Burano, Italy"
Barb Wells-Roberts

The image is just magical because of all of the color variety. I especially like how the continuing line draws the eye through from the lower right to the upper left. The repeating shapes of the windows create a sense of unity in this image. - Mitch Miller

"Rhyolite Depot - No Entry"
Julianne Koza

What better time than nighttime for ghosts to haunt a ghost town. And this is beautifully lit. Looking through the fence creates a parallel universe that we cannot enter. - Mitch Miller

Honorable Mention
"Yucca In Fog"
Kim Karels Clements

We see so little fog in the high desert that it's exceptional when it happens, and it creates such a beautiful contrast against the Spanish dagger needles of the yucca. And with Joshua trees a little foggier, it creates a sense of depth. - Mitch Miller

Best of Show

"Mating Present"

David Clements

Thanks go to the participating photographers that shared their work with us. To Rainbow Stew and all visitors that make these shows possible. And congratulations to the creators that placed!

If you find yourself out and about, make sure to stop by Rainbow Stew (masks and social distancing required) and enjoy the Judged Photo show. It will be displayed until April when we transition into the Judged Spring Fine Art show!

We all want to take advantage of this great space because it sees a constant stream of traffic throughout the week. Chaparral Artists see sales through this venue, so do not pass up the opportunity to hang your art with us when you can during these shows.

Stay safe and continue creating ^_^

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