Writeup! Judged Spring Art 2019

The judged Fine Arts show saw beautiful entries! We received over 20 works of art that fit into five categories, and most excitingly, we had several abstract art entries. Awards were shared during the April 14 reception, where the attending artists pinned up their ribbons and were photographed next to their winning fine art.

1st—Jennifer Grandi—Cactus Wren Hiding
2nd—Raini Armstrong—Inseparable
3rd—Kim Clements—Regal Peacock
HM—Grey Forge LeFey—Familiar

1st—Raini Armstrong—New Moon Vision
2nd—Raini Armstrong—Distant Visitors
3rd—Jennifer Grandi—Desert Bloom

1st—Raini Armstrong—Sun Touched Pansy
2nd—Nancy Miehle—A New Beginning
3rd—Jennifer Grandi—The Yucca in YV
HM—Nancy Miehle—My Favorite Orchid

1st—Karen Mortensen—Dreaming
2nd—Joan Scott—Found on a Reef
3rd—Khrysso Heart LeFey—Dry Leaves #6B

Manmade Focus
1st—Joan Scott—Sunset at Stonehenge
2nd—Laura Paez—The Neighborhood
3rd—Laura Paez—Raindrops of Rainbows

Joan Scott’s “Sunset at Stonehenge”

Mary Fetterly’s “Sunlight in the Forest”

Writeup! Living Desert

Date: April 6, 2019
Author: Raini Armstrong

Our group trip to the Living Desert resulted in many exciting scenes of spring growth, animal behavior, and even a few animal babies! The Living Desert in Palm Desert, CA provides a beautiful landscape and living space for many desert creatures, both exotic and familiar to our region. The natural setting feels both wild and kept, a contradiction, I know, but one that truly tugs at the imagination! The entire environment provides candy for the soul if you so happen to love the desert, as I do.

Though it warmed up as the day wore on, the weather was agreeable, and the occasional cloud made for a wonderful backdrop to several photos. The gardens peppered throughout the park deserve a trip of their own, and one could easily visit for the animals alone. All in all, one single trip to the Living Desert never seems like enough.

Writeup! Youth Art Show 2019

Date: March 17, 2019
Author: Raini Armstrong

The first show of the year, the judged Youth Art show, was a fantastic success! We received over 50 entries ranging from preschool to 12th grade. Jennifer Grandi coordinated the show, working closely with Krista Wargo, an art teacher at Yucca Valley High. We thank the volunteers who helped coordinate, and we especially thank the teachers for inspiring their students to create, and for collecting submissions and going the extra mile to get beautiful art to us for display.

Rainbow Stew was packed with friends, family, and art supporters during the reception. Ribbons and cash prizes were handed out to attending winners, and several sales were made! Student art and ribbons will remain hanging for the duration of the show. We highly recommend visiting Rainbow Stew and enjoying the artistic talents of the youth in the Morongo Basin!